A Band Of Anglers brands & products to be exclusively distributed in Europe by Ultimate Fishing

LAKE WALES, Florida. — Ultimate Fishing has secured the exclusive European distribution rights for A Band Of Anglers, Patrick Sébile’s new tackle company.

Sébile formed the company in 2017 after a long relationship with U.S. tackle giant Pure Fishing. A Band Of Anglers is the parent company for several tackle brands covering the fresh and saltwater markets. Always creative and innovative, Patrick Sébile’s products are designed and developed by Sébile alone or in conjunction with talented expert anglers from around the world - a process reflected in the name of his business - to create and develop lures, rods, accessories and tackle that will catch every fish that swims.

First brands bring to life includes Ocean Born rods & lures, Engage soft baits & hard lures, Softough Hyperlastics super long lasting soft plastics, Vasterpike Rods & Clevertackle gear.

More brands are currently under development process, such as Jungle Jigs.

Ultimate Fishing is known for its motto — "By fishermen, for fishermen" — and for its distribution of lures and rods from premium Japanese brands.

“This will be a great partnership,” Sébile said. “Our new lineup of tackle demands the best possible European distributor, and we have that in Ultimate Fishing. Their attitude and commitment to the angler perfectly corresponds to the attitude and philosophy we have at A Band Of Anglers.”

The deal was signed in Massachusetts on May 30th, where Patrick Sébile and Ultimate Fishing owner Yannick Cordier were fishing for striped bass. Ultimate Fishing will be the official and exclusive European distributor of A Band Of Anglers effective 21 June 2018 — the first day of summer.

“This collaboration will be great for A Band Of Anglers and for Ultimate Fishing,” Cordier added, “but the real winners will be the anglers who see, buy and use the new products. I’ve seen Patrick’s tackle boxes, and they’re overflowing with innovative new lures and gear that will help everyone catch more fish and have a better experience on the water. I’m extremely impressed, and we’re excited to be a part of it!”

Anglers and media can meet Patrick Sébile and Yannick Cordier at the EFTTEX show in Amsterdam (28-30 June) in the Ultimate Fishing booth #E44 and at key 2019 European shows.


About A Band Of Anglers, LLC:

A Band Of Anglers, LLC, is the brainchild of legendary international tackle designer and manufacturer Patrick Sébile, winner of dozens of national and international design awards and the only person ever to sweep the Best Hard Lure and Best Soft Lure categories in the same year at ICAST, Best Hard Lure, Best Soft Lure and Best Metal lure categories in the same year at EFFTEX, and Best Hard Lure, Best Soft Lure and Best Metal Lure categories in the same year at AFTA. A Band Of Anglers’ products are designed and developed by Patrick Sébile and his team of talented and innovative anglers from around the world. A Band Of Anglers takes its tagline — Authentic. Passionate. Real. — from its commitment to bring the best fishing products to the marketplace at a fair price and a great value, from anglers to anglers, away from big corporation interference in the process, to benefit final users, shops and the fishing world.



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