Fishing at the mouth of the Kwanza River

Joris Nieuwenhoff of Worlds
Best Fishing Trip agency in the Netherlands offers trips to discover the fishing in Africa, at the mouth of the Kwanza River and offshore in the blue water.

“The lodge is located at the end of the famous Kwanza river, a truly unique location due to the variety of fishing. The fresh water from inland reachesof Angola bring nutrient-rich water to the coast; here you can fish for giant African threadfin, cubera snapper, crevalle jack, cassava croaker, tarpon and barracuda at the edge of fresh and salt water or go offshore and hunt for blue marlin, sailfish, yellowfin tuna and mahi mahi. The lodge is located at the river mouth and overlooks the constant ow of fresh water to the sea. It offers comfortable holiday homes with air conditioning, a swimming pool and full board with hearty meals for the hungry fisherman. The boats are well equipped and perfect for the local fishing conditions, and come with the heavy tackle for trolling and tarpon fishing.There are several important periods for fishing:

-Fishing from the beach is good throughout the year and has few restrictions.

-Summer fishing (July-August- September) is optimal for big threadfin, cubera and big jack.

-End of February, March and April is the optimal season for sea fishing. -Tarpon fishing is optimal from January to end of March.”

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