From Russia’s Kola Peninsula to the office, a reliable and elegant timepiece !

Populations of wild salmon, and
 particularly the Atlantic salmon, are threatened by over fishing, habitat
 degradation, dams, global warming 
and salmon farms. The HPA brand has
 therefore decided to contribute to the 
preservation of these wild salmon by 
creating the Grandair SWS (Save Wild 
Salmon) watch, with 10% of the sale
 price donated to organizations that work
 to protect salmon. Specifications include 
a 41-mm diameter, thickness of 13 mm,
 sealed to 300 m (984 ft), Seiko NH35
 caliber automatic or manual winding, 40-
hour power reserve, a domed anti-reflective
 sapphire crystal and ceramic bezel.
Classic version with black background and 
black bezel costs €459 (390 in presale);
 Obsidian version, limited series of 50 pieces with a mahogany obsidian background and brown bezel, decorated with an obsidian salmon costs €990 (presale €890). Delivered with two straps (rustic leather and black nylon) in reusable, minimalist packaging (HPA orgadryzer pouch).



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