Located 420 km north-east of Mauritius and 1100 km east of Madagascar, Saint-Brandon, also known as Cargados Carajos, is a group of about thirty tiny islands surrounded by islets and sandbanks, which extend to 70 km between Albatros Island, to the north, and Pointe Shark, to the south. The archipelago is officially open to fly fishermen only for about ten years. The place has always been difficult to access due to its remoteness and lack of terrestrial infrastructure, but the Mauritian company Raphaël Fishing, which manages the artisanal fishing activities in the archipelago and owns two small lodges, decided a couple of years ago to welcome small groups of lure anglers. Heavy popping is the main technic ; On the reefs, big GT, dogtooth tuna, shark, barracuda, grouper, jobfish, etc, are the targets. For more information, read the full report published in Fishing & Travel mag #8 (www.fishing-and-travel.com) or contact The Raphaël Fishing company:





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