NAKED: The most advanced and expensive rod ever made by Zenaq

"The Naked NC83 Tuna rod costs 12,000 euros and is made in Japan only on demand. Such quality could not be achieved with mass-produced rods," says F&T Kenji Sasakura from Zenaq company. Many components make it truly exceptional. For example, instead of conventional thread, the guides are wrapped in a patent-pending carbon fibre to blend into the blank and give the impression of an uninterrupted single shape — a revolutionary process. The all-new hexagonal design of the reel seat is absolutely tight, even with large reels, a plus in tough fights, and every component is rubber-coated to provide a perfect grip. The titanium section between the butt and reel seat has been heated separately to produce unique colour gradations for each rod, adding an exclusive touch to the overall look. 

The Naked NC83 Tuna measures 2.51 m (8.2 ft) with a transport length of 176 cm. It weighs 430 grams and is designed to cast lures weighing 60 to 120 grams to the horizon.



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