Fishing for giant swordfish : A lesson of humility

By Michel Marchandise

For the sixth year running, I’m back in New Zealand – or Aotearoa, “the land of the long white cloud”, as it was known to the legendary Maori navigators. On this trip, I’m headed to the submerged seamounts in the northwest, far beyond the Three Kings Islands and a very long way from the coast, in pursuit of the Tasman Sea’s giant broadbill swordfish. This is my final expedition aboard Primetime, a journey between friends, with only the crew and I aboard. It really is the last time I’ll be doing this. The cost of this kind of expedition is rising, the area’s fishing season is very short and the weather here is fickle. Plus, the crew needs to think about its future... For any number of reasons, there won’t be a next time.


Excerpt from the article Fishing for giant swordfish published in Fishing & Travel print magazine #3 (January-February-March 2018). To read the full article, become a subscriber! www.fishing-and-travel.com


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