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Iran is now seeing  a few travelling anglers curious to discover the soong, the giant barbel found only in some rivers of the Middle-East, an omnivorous species that takes lures very well!

Article: Arnout Terlouw



On Long Island, one can catch bonefish on the white sand flats or chase tough mutton snapper, ‘cudas and jacks with lures around reefs. Not to mention all the other toothy critters ready to make your reel scream!

Article:  Julien Lajournade



Discovering the Gulf of Chiriqui - a world-famous area for yellowfin tuna -  with a big mother ship named The Beluga, the property of the new Hannibal Fishing operation.

Article: Pascal Jarret



A report on a small and hot country located on the Horn of Africa, bordered by the Gulf of Tadjoura and the Red Sea, where a French fishing operator welcomes popping addicts looking for big GTs.

Article: Stéphane Gonzales



One of the biggest stingrays in the world lives in the freshwater rivers of South East Asia and Borneo. It can weigh half a ton and you need heavy marlin gear to land one before releasing it!

Article:  David Scholl



The south of the Sultanate hosts a vast array of very interesting species: Diamond trevally, yellow-spotted trevally, African pompano, queenfish, emperor, bluefish and sobaity sea bream to name a few, and when the sardines arrive, the war begins!

Article:  Julien Lajournade



A trip to the jungles of Colombia at the end of the dry season, when temperatures are darn hot and water levels drop in front of your eyes. A real adventure rewarded with big peacock bass and superb payara from the Orinoco river!

Reader’s report section



438 miles south-west of the main island of Mahe in this vast archipelago, Providence is a natural jewel and an amazing destination for the fly angler. All the species that make the Indian ocean so special abound inside and out of this remote atoll.

Reader’s report section



A quest for giant GTs in the north of the Big Island, where sea conditions can be tough but where the reward can fulfil your wildest dreams!   

Reader’s report section


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