A New Angle for Penetration and Strength

When jigging with
 rods and braid of up 
to 50-lb, especially when slow jigging,
 it is not advisable to use 
heavy-wire hooks, as they do 
not facilitate good penetration
 of the point into flesh and
 cartilage. The VMC 7269AH
 assist hooks have a wire
 diameter for jigging with light 
tackle: neither too thin — so 
the hook won’t open during a powerful darting run — nor too thick — so it can easily penetrate the mouth of the fish even when hooked with a fairly soft rod. The hooks used for this assist rig are made of high-forged carbon steel and are corrosion-resistant. Their conical and chemically sharpened Needle-Sharp point lives up to its name, and the “Barbarian” shape of the TechSet technical-locking-curve shank considerably increases resistance to opening in combat.

The 250-lb hollow Dyneema braid is first knotted and then tied to the shank before being varnished. The best aspect of this hollow braid is that it traps a 15-lb strand of fluorocarbon that provides the necessary rigidity so that the hooks do not tangle when an angler is working the jig. After long jigging sessions in Madagascar, I must admit that it is particularly effective. During this trip I found the VMC 7269AH assist hooks to be really strong and efficient. They can be used for slow jigging (this is what they were designed for), but also, as I found out, for speed jigging on tackle of 30- to 50-lb.

Alban Choinier


 VMC 7269AH specifications

Available in sizes 5/0, 6/0 and 7/0, they can be rigged with long or short jigs of 100 to 300g.
 Prices from €11.90 to €14.90 (roughly us $13 to us $16) for a pouch of two double assist hooks.



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