Effective and reliable, the Tenryu’s Diablo 3-piece spinning rods can handle travel to the hotest fishing spots!


Since its establishment in 2001, French company Ultimate Fishing have acquired the reputation in France of importing some of the finest Japanese fishing tackle available. Among the brands in its catalogue (which hosts Megabass, Tackle House, DUO International, Zenith, to name a few), Tenryu is the flagship of the company. It is a family rod manufacturer that build rods at a small scale in Japan. This long-standing partnership has resulted in dozens of excellent spinning rods, plus
 a few baitcasting and jigging rods
 as well as multi-piece travel rods. They are all easy to recognize with their red blank (they are nicknamed ‘the red rods’ – ‘les cannes rouges’ in French).

Designed jointly by Ultimate Fishing and Tenryu to meet the requirements of French anglers, the ‘red rods’ have gained popularity outside France and can be now purchased through online tackle shops. Among all these hand-made rods, multi-piece models can ease the journey, travelling in a very short rod tube or in luggage big enough to host their reduced transport length.


Two Diablo Travel

The Diablo 30/50 is a 2.5 m 3-piece spinning rod that balances well with a Daiwa Saltiga 4500 loaded with
20 kilo braid, and using lures weighing 40 to 80 g.

The Diablo 70 is a 2.5 m rod that fishes perfectly with 60 lb braid and lures from 60 to 100 g.

Both Diablos have a pronounced fast tip action and produce very quick, precise and long casts. They launch the lure
 so well and are so reliable during a serious fight that you quickly forget it’s a 3-piece rod you’re holding! Once the 3 pieces are assembled, they do
 not move, only needing a quick check once in a while after a serious fight just for peace of mind. We took these two rods to many saltwater destinations (West Papua, the Bijagos islands, Madagascar, the Maldives, Cuba, Panama, Costa Rica…), their effectiveness and reliability always amazed the people on-board and they both came back intact! When a multi-piece rod is found lacking, it does not last long on the market. These two rods however have enjoyed good commercial success in France the last 10 years and they have all our confidence at Fishing & Travel magazine!



-Tenryu Diablo Travel 30/50:length 2.5 m, 7 Fuji SiC K rings, lure 40/110 g (30-80g actually), braided line 30 to 50 lb. Transport length 88 cm without its padded case. 850 €

-Tenryu Diablo Travel 70:length 2.5 m, 7 Fuji SiC K rings, lure 40/120 g (best 50/100 g).
 Weight 300 g. Transport length 89 cm. Delivered in a padded case. 890 €



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