The wild bass of Ireland

The quest for sea bass amidst the stunning scenery of the Emerald Isle

By Julien Lajournade


Shore angling for the European 
sea bass is as exciting as it can
 be unrewarding. One rock-hops along the shoreline in search of a beautiful fish that is rarely abundant and doesn’t just lunge at the first lure it sees as it prowls along the shore. Landing a 3-kg+ bass on a lure or fly without the help of a boat is usually the result of a long, feverish quest in all sorts of weather. To experience this superb fishing with
 good chances of catching bass, especially 
on topwater or fly, Ireland with its jagged coastline is a must-visit destination during spring and autumn. Your very best chances to experience world-class bass fishing here will be June, September and October.

In the southern part of the country, sea bass are still found in relatively good numbers, but the modern well-equipped saltwater angler is a rare species, giving visiting anglers vast areas to scout on foot without competition.


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