Rock shore rods

Zenaq Defi Muthos series of rods are designed to catch big fish (yellowtail, tuna, trevallies…) from the shore with lures. After years of testing in the field, each model has been designed with the perfect balance of power and sharpness. They benefit from the hexagon grip to increase maximum lure control on the retrieve and maximum control of the rod during long fights. Here are two DURO models very popular in Japan and in the Mediterranean Sea among shore anglers:

-Duro 100H

Length: 10'0" (3m04)/ Lure: 40-180g / PE Line max #5 (30/55lb) / Weight 337g

The sharp blank made by high elastic carbon material makes casting 50~140g jigs easy even in the harshest of weather conditions, strong winds, etc. Also, it gives faster jig action in deepwater or strong current. Travel length: 1m55.

-Duro 100H Pencil

Length: 10'0" (3m04)/ Lure: 30-100g / PE Line max#5
Duro Pencil is a special rod which gives “life” to diving pencil. To control this type of lure, two essential factors must be combined in one rod which are “super soft tip” to let lures dive perfectly and “stiff butt” to drag lures with big water resistance. Mixing up these factors was the most difficult issue to develop this model but after many test, Zenaq finally came up with the ideal rod action. Travel length: 1m55.

Duro rods are designed and produced in Japan and come with K guides or RG guides.

Prices: around 1000€



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