ZENAQ FOKEETO Twitch & Longcast 2019

All Zenaq rods are hand-made in Japan with the best modern components. The Twitch series, one of the best-sellers in Zenaq history, offers a sporty and aggressive style of shing with a powerful backbone and sharp casting response. The new FC73-3 Twitch (7’3”/2.21m, 15-80g, PE max #4), is made for the die-hard angler using any type of lure (topwater, minnows, metal jigs…) in all terrain! The new Longcast have an extra soft tip to better control small lures and feel the smallest bites, but with a powerful butt section with plenty of torque to support a serious fight. It’s a perfect rod to chase big sea bass for example. The Zenaq FC76-1 Longcast (7’6” /2.29m, PE max #2.5) is best used with lures from 10g up to 45g. The FC78-2 Longcast (7’8”/2.34m, PE max #3) can cast lures up to 60g.

Price : 789€






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