In designing its Fokeeto Ikari rods launched in 2019, Japanese company Zenaq employed a new blank technology known as “Super High Elastic Carbon”, the interior of which comprises a “built-in carbon core”. Unlike hollow blanks, this blank made of two different types of carbon does not deform under pressure, retains all its power and restores it better, making it practically unbreakable.

A Ikari rod boasts two particularly striking features: its magnificent finish, a blend of simplicity and Japanese know-how (typical of Zenaq), and its weight, which gives one the impression of holding a twig! In this line of rods, here are two models made for light jigging.


FOKEETO FB63-1 IKARI Baitcasting model

Length: 6'3" / Jig: ~120g / Line: PE# ~1.5
High-pitch jerk, one-pitch jerk, slow-pitch jerk, using heavier jigs for making slower jig action, it can do it all. Recommended PE Line Max #1.5 / Shock leader max 30lb.

FOKEETO FS63-1.5 IKARI Spinning model

Length: 6'3" / Jig: ~130g / Line: PE#~1.5
Like other IKARI models, it performs perfect jig action in high-pitch jerk, one-pitch jerk, etc, and it allows to cast and scout wider area. Recommended PE Line Max #1.5 / Shock leader max 30lb.




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