Made in Japan, the Fokeeto Whippy rods are designed for jigging. The Whippy’s surprise by their lightness and their unexpected reserve of power. The handle is slightly longer than on classic jigging rod and the reel seat is positioned a bit higher to help working the lures vertically. Its unique action detects the smallest bites and brings better efficiency in tough situation. This series is available in spinning and baitcasting models, all equipped with Fuji SIC titanium rings.

5 Whippy among the 10 models:

-Whippy FB63-5 (baitcasting) and FS63-5 (spinning). The newest addition to the Whippy series, length 6'3"/jig weight 70-210g/line max PE#4. Recommended to fish deep with 70 to 190g jigs (best:110 to 170g).

-Whippy FS63-6. Spinning. 6'3"/jig 90-250g/line max PE#5. Great to battle big amberjacks and dogtooth tuna out of strong currents with its torqueful backbone. For maximum performance, best jig weight is around 170g. A perfect rod for slide jerk jigging with long jigs and for slow pitch jigging.

-Whippy FB54-8/FS54-8. Spinning and baitcasting. The most powerful of the family! 5'4"/jig 120-300g/line max PE#6.



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