Developed in Japan for catching yellowtail kingfish with diving pencils and floating stickbaits, the Zenaq Sinpaa 83 Hiramasa has proved great to fight tuna, GT and other big fish around the world. The blank’s precisely designed resilience at the tip allows both long casts and finely controlled action, creating necessary slack during each pause so at the next twitch, diving pencils swim perfectly, and its powerful butt section stops the dash of monster fish which can pull out 15 to 16 kg (33 to 35 lb)
 of drag pressure. The assist guide (second from
 the tip) reduces line troubles drastically. The four guides from the tip are single-wrapped for tactile sharpness so as not to spoil the best lure action, and the three guides from the butt guide are double- wrapped for maximum strength. Zenaq’s innovative ergonomic foregrip, known as the hexagonal grip, offers super precise lure control and maximize grasp with minimal pressure: Your hand will not tire nearly as much as with a cylindrical handle while battling large fish. Specs: 8 ft, 3 in (2.5 m); length when taken apart, 183 cm (72 in); lure weight, 65-130 g (2.3 to 4.6 oz); line, PE5-8; rod weight, 340 g (12 oz).
Retail: € 1000 (about 1,170 USD).



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