After 15 years of loyal services, the Fokeeto rod series gave way last year to the Tobizo, 5 rods including the Tobizo 80-200G, a popping stick made in Japan for extreme surface game.

I tested the Zenaq Tobizo Casting 80-200G, the most powerful Tobizo, around remote coral reefs in the heart of the Indian ocean (Saint Brandon atoll) after it was paired with a Daiwa Dogfight 8000 reel filled with 113 lb YGK UltraCastman braid line. A 200 g popper at the end of the line brought this beast of a rod to life! Big GTs weighing between 35 and 45 kilos came to test this 2.44m rod which immediately boosted my confidence: its power reserve is enormous! A flat surface on the top of the handle makes it a perfect fit for casting lures, bringing a big cupped face popper to life, striking and pumping big fish. It’s very light compared to many heavy popping rods, allowing angler to cast for hours with ease. The blank does not vibrate at all when casting and its optimal lure weight range lies between 150 and 210 g; For the test, I attached a 230 g sinking stickbait which it catapulted far away without any problem, though this is the maximum weight recommended by Zenaq. With the Dogfight 8000 and the excellent YGK braid, what a match! The perfect combo to target XL Gts!

Julien Lajournade

Characteristics Zenaq Tobizo casting series

The five Tobizo rods are made with latest carbon material from TORAY : TORAYCA T1100G, they have Fuji Titanium S.I.C. ring guides or Fuji Super Ocean guides with ion plating frame depending on model, Fuji DPS reel seat, hexagonal front grip, the Zenaq original reel lock system and a ring to protect damage on rear EVA when using harness.

-TC80-50G Technical Game

Length 8’0’’ (2m44). Lures (best) 30-70g. Line PE 3-4. Closed length 181cm. Weight 265g

-TC80-80G All Round Game

Length 8’0’’ (2m44). Lures (best) 50-90g. Line PE 3-6. Closed length 181 cm. Weight 295g

-TC86-110G Tuna Game

Length 8’6’’ (2m62). Lures (best) 70-120g. Line PE 4-7. Closed length 183cm. Weight 415g

-TC83-150G Tuna & Trevally

Length 8’3’’ (2m52). Lures (best) 90-160g. Line PE 5-8. Closed length 176cm. Weight 405g

TC80-200G Giant Trevally

Length 8’ (2m44). Lures 120-210 (max 230g). Line PE 6-10. Closed length 168cm. Weight 395g



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