Zenaq Tobizo TC80-200G

Designed for heavy popping, the Zenaq Tobizo TC80-200G is a two-piece rod with offset handle. With a Saltiga 20000 filled with 100 to 120lb braid, it forms a fabulous set for big-fish quest (XL GTs, Tuna, monster cubera snapper, trophy size yellowtail kingfish…).

Specs: Length
2.44m (8 ft). Travel length 168 cm (5 ft,
5 in). Weight 395 g (13.9 oz). Lure weight 120-210g. Line PE10. A flat surface on the top of the handle makes it a perfect fit for casting, bringing a popper to life and striking big fish. The blank does not vibrate at all when casting and its optimal lure weight range lies between 150 and 200g (we tried it with 230g with no problem).

The Tobizo series includes 4 other spinning rods for the use of PE4, PE6, PE7 and PE8. Price for the Tobizo TC 80-200G: 1039€



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